Friday, February 28, 2014

Be it

Breath in each solitary breath, encapsulate each moment with gratefulness


Shake the sandman from your eyes, quench the thirst in your spirit


 Do you hear your passion? You can’t miss it when you listen


We all have a rich craving to whittle out our own mission


The endeavor may seem steep, too long and hard


But every boundless journey comes with some resistance


Grace stretches beyond the horizon, let faith help you believe it


Be mesmerized that you are capable, your fashioned with the means


Appreciate with intention each seemingly futile step


Don’t take for granted the desire of what makes your spirit rise


It’s yours to claim, no one else can shape it the way you see it


Whatever it is that awakens your senses to pureness and beauty

God will give you what you need to go out and be it.