Sunday, February 19, 2012

Faithful Still

Its tempting to want to do things our way instead of trusting the Lord. We are on the right track for a while but then we get impatient and want to take over again, with whatever it may be. Yet he is faithful, faithful to his promises. Once we invite Jesus into our hearts he dwells in us. Even in our wandering, he is faithful still, faithfully ours. How amazing and beautiful is the love he gives us!! A love that is always there no matter what....He is faithful still.

There are days when I want to pick up the pen and write my own story again
Sometimes I get so tired of waiting for an answered prayer

There are days when breathing even seems hard to do
it may be sunny out but a cloud still covers my heart

In times like these, when it’s so quiet and I can’t hear you at all
my faith hangs by a thread
Everything around me wants to break what I’m holding onto

Yet in my wandering, and in my weakness you remain the same
even then you are faithful still

When my doubts and fears want to keep me far from you
even then you are faithful still

When I want to take the pen and do it my way, you give me the freedom choose
even then you are faithful still

Faithfully mine, Faithfully waiting for me to come back to you
unconditional, unforgettable
Faithful still

XOXO-Nicole Renee

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