Thursday, February 23, 2012

The (overly) Nice Person

Are you a nice person? Like the kind of person that always says yes and nothing is wrong. You never get mad (or pretend not to be) because you want make others happy, you don't want to be the downer. Well there were times that this was me but I started to feel like I was becoming a stomping ground for people to brush off their burdens and messes only to be left behind while they skipped off with a lightened load.

I think there comes a time when we all kind of feel unappreciated, alone, and frustrated. Nothing is worse than being the nice girl who is not taken seriously. The girl who is put on the back burner while everyone else decides if you are the best choice. The girl that always has a smile but is really feeling totally burnt out. The girl who is only good enough to be around when problems arise.

Feeling tired of this burden of being nice (imagine that) I started to find this new freedom in letting go. I'm learning that I can't let imperfections rob me of security. When our security begins to rely on others I think we become a whole lot more how do I put this nicely? We become a lot more messy and emotional. JOY gone, energy ZAPPED, and there we are, the dreaded doormat. Always wanting to please, always with a smile, always there for peole that sometimes take advantage of someone who is willing to be so nice. When our security is found in others we sometimes take what we can get because anything is better than being alone or disappointing someone.

I say its time to hang our doormats on the front porch for a good wind slapping! We need to clean out the nooks and crannies. Let go of all that is expected of us and soak in the grace of a new day, look at the beauty God created in us, embrace all the qualities that are unique to us and make us special as individuals(trust me there are so many!).

We need to walk in confidence that we can say no to those who come and go leaving only debris in our lives (graciously;). Find peace in letting go that you are not perfect and people are not perfect. Let the joy of the day shine on your face…and maybe for once the solitude will breathe a new life into you, and a new security.

Sometimes we need to stop and revaluate what matters to us, what is good for our hearts, we need to weed out the bad to make room for the good. We have to set boundaries so we have healthy relationships that build eachother up in love. From one nice girl to another!


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