Tuesday, November 29, 2011

He loves me!

In the vast field of fresh beautiful daisies she picks one up and does the age old "He loves me, he loves me not" and watches each petal fall into the field of yellow. As she plucks each petal she hopes that the last one remaining will be the promise of love. "He loves me" her senses awaken and lifts her spirits, "He loves me not" a pang of loneliness creeps up on her. As the last petal falls her expression turns desperate, her face paled as her worth fades into the sea of daisy’s with a "He loves me not".

How many times has our worth risen and fallen because of who loves us? How many times have we questioned if we are good enough, if we have what it takes based on what someone else thinks of us? No matter if it was our family, friend, or a love interest there are petals for each relationship. There are times when we feel loved and times when we don't. There are times that we give all our heart to find the last petal has drifted out of our hands, out of our control.

Lately there are a couple of things I have been reflecting on. The first would be that I need to love with open hands. To be willing to love with all my heart and expect nothing in return. To give people the freedom to love me or not and not try to manipulate, win someone over, or have an agenda. To have heart like Jesus that is patient and kind, that keeps no records of wrong, that is not jealous....love with open hands.

The second thing is I need to find my worth in nothing but the Lord. I need to remember that disappointments will come, I will fail at something, someone will let me down, and it’s okay. In my imperfections he is glorified because I am nothing without Him. I'm reminded that I need Him because I need refining, I have growing to do, I am in need of a Savior. An amazing thought is that the spirit lives in us, his beauty, his glory, his love dwells in us and we can choose to let Him shine through us by remembering our worth is found in Him.

Take a look around, he is everywhere. He is not in just one daisy he is in the vast field of yellow, he is in the blue stretched out beyond what our eyes can see, he is in our hands, in our feet, he is beyond all we can comprehend....and best of all no matter which petal I pluck I know He loves me!

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