Thursday, December 29, 2011

Single Moms

The poem below is for my fellow single moms out there. One of the hardest things is raising a child but doing it alone can be defeating at times. I want to remind the single moms out there that God has given us a ministry, our children are our ministry, nothing will be more important than what we teach them. As a single mom myself I often find myself searching to become something great, to make a difference in the world. Then when I take a look next to me I see my son, this child that will impact other people’s lives and I find that my purpose is right in front of me and I’m excited to be the one that gets to help shape my sons life. I pray he will be a man of great faith and compassion for others. There is no doubt that being a single mom will mean we have to pick up the pieces by ourselves but when we remember that God is with us and has good plans for us and our children the journey becomes sweeter. All my love to you single mamas! HUGS!!!!

For Single Moms

I can stand here and tell you I know how it is
because I’m in the same shoes as you

That one day when your son skinned his knee
you wiped the tears and realized it was just the two of you

On those tough days when nothing went as planned
you stayed up all night wondering if you were doing things right

When your daughter twirled in her dress like a princess
your heart ached for her dad to be there to be her prince

All the times the man you dated turned away
because they just weren’t ready to take on a family already made

I can stand here and tell you that it will be okay
because I believe that God will make a way

All those days you worked so hard to keep things going
will be rewarded with a child knowing that they are loved

All the times you sacrificed to be there for your child
will be the trust that he will build his life upon

All the silent prayers you said when your heart was aching are lifted up
be still my friend and know he is God

I can stand here and tell you that you are second to none
because no one else could be all that you are to your little one

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  1. Oh my goodness - I can't tell you how much I needed to hear those words tonight!!! Thank you Nicole.