Wednesday, December 26, 2012


It’s been a while since I have written much and man have I missed it. Not going to lie this year has been a hard one, not just for me but for many friends as well. It’s been somewhat heavy and I was in need of some space, some quietness on the pages of my life. As the New Year approaches I'm wondering what my word is going to be for this year- the one thing that I make a priority, the one thing that will bring me closer to who I desire to be and most importantly who I am in Christ.

One thing I know for sure I am tired of is my own insecurity, my own self-doubt, my own self keeping me from truly shining and being able to fully embrace life. I'm tired of the negative thoughts that say I'm not good enough, I'm not the lucky one, I'm not capable, I'm not beautiful, I'm not name it, I've thought  about it. Sometimes I feel like I just walk around life looking at others and being in awe or frustrated that I have not achieved what they have. I feel as though being 30 is the cut off for becoming and creating myself, I had my chance and blew it. Yup, there it is again clear as day, my backhanded thinking.
So its time to put the smack down, because I'm done with being tossed in a sea of doubt by none other than, me, myself and I.

You know what I find absolutely appealing in anyone, the hands down most sought after quality? Confidence.
period. A woman with confidence lights up the room with her self-awareness that she is a treasured gem. Not because she is cocky, self-absorbed or a snob but because she is humbly aware that she is here for a reason, she has a purpose and gosh darn it she is going to live life to the fullest and be all she can be. The naysayers, her own demon thoughts will not possess her to believing that she can't be filled with joy in any given circumstance. Instead she confidently speaks her mind with graciousness and gentleness. She confidently walks into any room and knows that she is loved beyond measure because Jesus spirit resides in her. That is the woman I want to be, a woman of confidence. That is my word this year, I claim it! I own it! I want it!

I don't only want this for myself but I want this for all woman, for us all to remember that we are beautiful, lovely, God breathed woman. Our hearts may be heavy, our pains may be deep with hands and feet weary. This year may have taken a toll on us, we may be battling for our marriage, or a single woman wondering if her prince is out there, we may be turning 30, 40, or 50 but I come boldly to say we have not lost our shine. We have not lost our warmth, we have not lost our purpose. Yes the new year is approaching but each day is like a new year. Its time to be kind to ourselves and allow ourselves to believe that we are wanted, needed, and the most wonderful thing about confidence is that no one can take it from us.


Nicole Renee

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  1. Love Nicole!! Love you! You speak to my heart.
    True beauty emanates from a woman who boldly and unabashedly knows who she is in Christ.