Monday, May 13, 2013


 For the longest time I have tried to fit into perfection, I wanted to be the woman who encompassed it all. I wanted to be that girl who never let anyone down and fit into the ideals of what a great friend, daughter, girlfriend, and mother looked like. But there is always a letdown, there is always disappointment, and there is always more we have to give because life is relentless in its pursuit to distract us, erode at us, and psssst us away from things about ourselves we need to embrace for a while.

Lately I'm figuring out the importance of allowing myself to grieve the wounded parts of myself that are calling for renewal. Instead of running back into the wilderness parched I need to sit for a while in the healing rain. Experiencing the fullness of grace means that God is enough, the daily duties can wait a while as I draw near to the only one that can see how much I want to get it right but when I don't its okay. Jesus paid the price so I wouldn't have to be perfect but that I could be restored and made new.

I will restore to you the years the locust have eaten Joel 2:25

This verse gives me such joy because God can truly see our brokenness, emptiness, the hard times, the way we want to fit in, the way we want to please everyone. While life remains demanding, Jesus says I will restore you.  We are meant to experience the grace of Jesus through our imperfections that is offered to us every day- take time to wash the wounds,weariness and distractions away and be restored.

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  1. Wow this is so beautiful and profound! THANKS for sharing your heart with this...I feel the same way! love Katie