Sunday, May 12, 2013


It’s been a long time since my keyboard has graced my fingers and I have missed it. I have officially moved into my very own house! While it has been exhilarating, exhausting, nerve wracking, and a relief I'm so glad I finally took a risk but now ready to get back to what I love which would be writing and dreaming with all my fellow blogger friends.

Speaking of dreams, I'm learning the importance of taking a single step towards them each day so I don't become stagnant and drained. After all, if I'm not taking even a mini step towards what makes my heart beat than I will become frustrated and melancholy. I will get wrinkles and gray hairs more abundantly because I will feel that life is just passing me by and I'm staying the same.

Growing up I would dream up all sorts of concoctions about what I would be or do with my life and to me my ideas were sooooo grand. Often times I would be elated with this new idea I dreamt up but when I took that brave step and announced it to those I loved there would be a list of reasons that literally dropped me off cloud nine and landed me smack back into reality.

There are some important things I have learned about dreams/hopes/desires.
  1. You have to have a back bone- cause alot of people will tell you why they are unrealistic or won't work out
  2. You have to be willing to invest- time is off the essence, if you want to make something grand come true you’re not going to get an "easy" button
  3. You have to be willing to risk- what are you willing to put on the back burner or sacrifice to work towards your dreams or are you willing to give it your all no matter what negative voices you hear
  4. As a  believer I ask myself is this dream self serving or will my dreams bring glory to Jesus?
  5. The opportunity is now- if you messed up yesterday, or if in the past you didn't finish something don't dwell on that fear of failure. Think of the time you took a small step, think of the time you worked hard at something and you saw the fruit. Dwell on the positive!
  6. Believe- Your never too old to start again, it’s never too late to dream up a new dream and go after it, we serve a God that dreams big- I mean just look around at the wonders.
  7. Unexpected- Sometimes dreams change along the way or turn out better than we dreamt up:)
I grew up scared of following through with dreams because I felt it was too much to handle once I figured out all the details. But as I have grown in my faith I have found that God opens doors for a willing heart that wants to glorify him. Yes there will be obstacles and days we just want to give up but seriously God gave us such passion and fire in our hearts to pursue things! He gave us fire and passion to do works, good works. There is a dreamer in all of us, we just need to hold onto the believer in all of us too.

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  1. Love this! And this is totally what I needed to read today! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)