Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I walk blindly through the days working, working out, making dinner, cramming more and more into an over-booked schedule hoping that I'm becoming successful with all I invest my time into, but at the end of the day I feel just plain exhausted. The days seem to be more of a blur and everything seems to just keep me busy and the only time I worship the Lord is at church. Even then, my eyes feel dry, my heart feels numb, and I am thinking of the next thing on my agenda. I forget to be still, I forget to listen, I forget to cherish each moment as a gift, each day as grace, I forget that I'm not supposed to blindly walk through life. I need to open my eyes, be present, and stop living life sidetracked by the distractions and allow myself to be still and listen for what the Lord has for me today. Each of us has our own distractions, for me right now its filling up each day with so many things to do that I don't have time to be in prayer and in the word. I miss the peace and comfort of my quiet time with Jesus.

Each distraction takes me further from you

distractions make me fear even hope

because I can't make things happen on my own

Each distraction has me planning and trying to be perfect

distractions reveal my faults

because I'm really a mess

Each distraction has me looking for love

distractions leave me feeling alone

because only you can fill me up

Each distraction has me holding on to what I want
distractions let me down

because only you are what I need