Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Celebrities that won't change their flaws

That was the headline that popped up when I was logging into my computer the other day. An article praising and bringing attention to those celebrities that embrace their imperfections. In a day and age of wanting to achieve perfection and being the next best thing it was kind of nice to see the headline but also kind of sad that we have to point out the few people who embrace who they are. I have a lot of these so called “flaws” or at least I used to think so. I’m half Italian so I have one of those Roman Italian noses, my brother sometimes uses it as a ski slope with his finger making fun of the mogul in the middle of my face. I have untamable hair, it naturally curls up into a coiled mess when I go all natural. I have a little jiggle around my waist that won’t seem to go away, I could blame my son but he is now seven. Day after day I would obsess about my flaws looking in the mirror unsatisfied, not that I thought I was ugly but I just felt so discontent with certain attributes that God had given me.

I started to wonder if it was even possible to be content with my flaws and what that would look like. Then I started to think about other woman and what I find beautiful in them. That is when I looked to my closest friends and the woman that I don’t know personally but admire. I don’t know if its coincidence or just the mere fact that God knows what he is doing but the thing I find most beautiful about other woman is their uniqueness. What sets them apart from the rest, they all have their little flaws or imperfections (because we all do) but it’s the whole package that makes the person shine. Time and time again the heart of the person outshines the appearance of the person.

Beauty is a twisted, complicated, draining, wonderful thing. Flaws are a twisted, complicated, draining wonderful thing. Beauty can bring out the best and worse in us but so can our flaws. Over the years as I have tried to be content with the woman God made me to be and what  I have found is that the imperfections make me beautiful because they are humbling. The mirror is  more than a reflection of our insecurities instead it can be a window to see that even though we may not always like what we see there is more to us than meets the eye. Over time I embraced my Roman Italian nose because its different, I began to love my hair because I had more options…curly or straight.  I even started to like the little jiggle around my waaaiss……okay not quite there yet.

I want to say I may not know you but I know that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Look in the mirror and see past what you want to change and look at the full picture. The person you are, the things that make you stand out from the rest (we all have something), and find yourself humbly content that you are loved by a Savior who created you with YOU in mind.


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  1. So lovely! I can totally relate to everything you have written, and you have written it so well. I think we need to constantly be reminded that we are beautiful in Christ. He doesn't see the jiggles and the imperfections, but instead He sees our hearts. Besides, if we were without imperfection- physical, emotional, spiritual- we wouldn't need Him.

    Thanks for sharing.