Friday, October 12, 2012


Yesterday I forgot my purse, yes my purse. The masterpiece of woman, the bottomless pit of stuff, the crammed nook and crannies that lead to the abyss of things we HAVE to carry with us everywhere, and the things we don't really need yet find comfort in hauling around with us. So basically I began the day armed with nothing but a set of car keys and the clothes on my back. Naked much? I felt stripped of my very LIFE. No license, no money, no lipstick, no phone…..oh the dilemma.  How did I leave the extension of myself behind you ask? Unfortunately that is the typical life of running late ruby (that’s me) my blood pressure through the roof, time ticking by, a million thoughts of what is on my to do lists swirling through my mind as I forget the things I need (like my purse) and rush off to work.

As I was beating myself for forgetting my purse, I realized I must have hit rock BOTTOM. My life was becoming this glob of days and things to do. I was becoming a steam roller on the path to destroying the much needed peace that is way more important than my bottomless pit of “stuff”. It was then I reminded myself in the chaos that I need to pause. I need to breath in deeply and look heavenly. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Heavenly- that word exudes peace of body, mind and spirit. If I don’t pause to listen for the small still voice of discernment than how do I know I’m steam rolling towards the right things? What if God has a new direction he wants me to take but I’m too busy frantically checking off my list to notice that he is not even on the page.

Forgetting the “extension” of myself was good for me because I felt vulnerable for a change. I felt that a disconnect from the world somehow- (and reckless without having my ID), but it was then that the shackles of life fell off my soul and I could breathe again. I paused and let his presence fill up my lungs bringing me a rejuvenated spirit. I let go of the chaos, the responsibility and let God be in control for a change and it was nice. We all need to slow down sometimes, especially when we are running around like crazies to let the steam roller pass by and embrace the peace that our Savior brings when we take a sweet moment to pause.


  1. This was beautiful! I can relate 100% ... One thing I've learned about God through the years is no matter how badly I fail, He receives me with total love and grace when I approach Him in prayer. He is so beautiful and I'm so grateful! Thank you for sharing and thank you for linking up! : )

  2. Oops! Meant to post the above comment on your latest post! : )

  3. Stopping by from Becky's blog! I truly love reading this post! Your writing style is wonderful and so vivid! I also had a "forgot my purse day" last week. I did turn around halfway to work (making me late) because I definitely had that feeling that I was missing an extension of me!

    1. Hi Kate! Thanks for stopping by, so glad you enjoyed the post. And I managed to forget my purse again two days later...that was a bad week:).