Friday, October 19, 2012


Some people call it naïve to think the best of people, to want to pursue dreams. Some people call it unrealistic to actually believe people can change and that people become better. Naïve-the definition of inexperienced and immature, and that was me.  I was always hoping for the best and waiting for the good to come around the corner. I chose to see the best in people and believed they would always follow-through with the things they would say. I was always dreaming up all the things I would be when I grew up, thinking I could be super woman. That naïve little girl in me lived in what some call the lollipop land of rainbows and butterflies.

Then as time went on  little naïve me became “experienced” and “mature”.  Reality set in as I was met with disappointment time and time again only to become disenchanted. Bitterness sprouted its mean little head when I realized that a lot of people don’t change or keep their word. Chasing dreams was defeated with exhaustion because nothing ever seemed to come into fruition. Over time I found that I instantly judged, expected the worse in people and assumed no one would dare commit to anything more than two hours in advance (that would be a crime!).  As you can see my matured self needed a little attitude adjustment.

I think I like the land of rainbows and lollipops better, I think we all need that side of us to get through the tough days. I think seeing through the eyes of our youth can shed a lot of light on the condition of our heart. As time goes on we get worn down by hurts, failures, and brokenness but when we hope for the best even when it seems unrealistic and pray for good to come around the corner something comes alive inside. I need to peel of the layers of sludge that has blurred my vision to the good, lovely and true in people. It’s still there because God is alive and we are each are his and that gives me hope. We can still become all we ever hoped for it just may look a little different than we planned-it may even be better!—sound Naïve? I hope so.

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