Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Beauty Worth Knowing

Imagine you walk into the room where  your competition was dripping with dazzling jewels, lavish dresses, hair stacked high and beautiful in braided up do’s embellished with crystals. Their makeup articulately executed to ensure their skin looked like porcelain next to their smoky sensual eyes and red pouty lips.

Compared to these girls you looked rather simple with barely any makeup on, a plain white flowing dress outlined with gold embellishment and only one piece of jewelry; a dainty necklace that held special meaning from your upbringing. Could you imagine how you would feel to be outdone by so many beautiful woman? Yet what if you did not envy the other woman, and in fact the searing claws of jealousy didn’t come out at all. You were like the mother hen of the bunch, the one the girls would cling to when they were afraid or insecure. They clung to you because of your humbleness,  graciousness, and subtle confidence that managed to break down the barriers of vain beauty to find the truest beauty of all- a girl after God’s own heart.

You and the other girls were all in the race to be the chosen one, a princess. A princess that could either change the world or merely be a fixture to the right of the throne for nothing more than oooh’s and ahhh’s  over stunning beauty. While others were gawking about with anxiousness and making sure their hair was just right you were praying and walking in the garden. Something about your presence was like a beacon of light that others tried to understand. There was something about you that none of the other girls could capture, there was a peace in your presence.

As the other girls vied for the King’s attention, one by one they were dismissed and utterly dismayed. No one seemed to hold the key to the handsome royals heart and he began to grow irritated as his hopes of meeting someone to spark his interest seemed dim. Then one of the last to be called, you enter the kings chambers with your minimal makeup and less than extravagant attire. Yet the king asked you to stay with him, something about you drew him in. He thought you were breathtakingly beautiful and was captivated by your presence as the others were. There was something about you that he needed to call his own. You were his chosen one, you would be the princess.

This is my own interpretation of the opening scene of the story of Esther, hands down my most loved story in the bible. There are sooo many lessons to be learned from Esther a woman of strength and dignity. She was the furthest thing from just a fixture to the right of the throne. She was a woman who risked her life to save her people, she broke the boundaries and was much more than a pretty face. Her spirit soared with the qualities I aspire to have. She was quite beautiful but she chose not to adorn herself with things that enhance beauty, she simply came as she was with a prepared spirit. Esther was an orphan so I can imagine the character that was developed as she probably had to grow up faster than most and she had to learn things at a young age.

 If you have never read her story I encourage it greatly as well as the movie “ One Night with the King”. I will be writing more about her but the reason I do today is for us as woman to remember the priceless beauty of our inner spirit. The calmness and discernment that comes with quiet prayer amidst a noisy world pulling us in a million directions. More and more our outer adornment is becoming emphasized and you know looking back at Esther things were not much different back then. Woman wanted to be noticed and thought that their outer beauty would be enough to capture the heart of the King. It’s a good reminder to know that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be and just being who we are with a mindful spirit is simply is enough, more than enough.


  1. I'm thinking I just might have to settle in for a good movie this weekend. =)

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  2. Thanks for your thoughts - I think I need to check out this movie!


  3. Wow! This sounds SO interesting! I will definitely have to give it a shot. I just found your blog and have loved getting to know you better. I hope you don't mind if I follow along!

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    1. Thanks for following along and excited to get to know you! Hugs!