Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Natural Beauty

For so long I was just plain jane

I always wished I was exoctic with olive skin and sultry eyes

growing up I was a frizzy haired, big eyed, moused colored brown hair babe

Little did I know that it could be beautiful

I  always looked elsewhere for beauty

No, it didn't exist in me

I found beauty in magazines, on tv shows, and models walking the runway

I tried to replicate what I saw, but I was still just so so

Until I surrendered my life to Jesus and got to know his character

it was then that the view of myself slowly changed

little by little he revealed to me what beauty was intended to look like

It was a radiant glow from within

It was what he already had given me, I didn't have to look for it

I was so easily swept into others perceptions

I refused to see beauty in my own reflection

Oh but Jesus reminded me

Every day he did

That he loves me, that he made me

He knows me down to each hair on my head

Embrace yourself and every seemingly flaw

Because they are uniquely yours and wonderfully made

Its exciting to be in on such a secret

If only others would listen

So they would know it too

That there is natural beauty in me and in you

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