Monday, January 21, 2013


Finite-Limited, Predicted, Restricted

Infinite- Immeasurable, Unlimited, Boundless, Never-Ending

I find myself living for the finite lately, my mind is focused on what I can control, what I know, what I desire. I live so small and unaware of the infinite power that surrounds me. Not my own power but the majesty almighty who nothing is impossible for. My eyes see the light, its so strong and wonderful yet I squint and look away because it seems too much to take in. The boundless, the immeasurable, for me is the incomprehendable and I would rather just focus on what is familiar and what I think is safe and sound. Yet I'm finding what I think is safe is just something that tides me over for now, it quenches my thirst for a minute and leaves me parched for more the next. You see the finite is a empty relationship that satisfies lust, its the high of being at a party but the low of the hangover, its the adrenaline rush of getting a makeover to the reality that a broken heart lies beneath. It can be many things that keep us captive to run to the quick fix, the medication that leads to destruction, the band-aid that temporarily hides the wound. The finite is where I'm stuck because it blinds me from what truly sets me free and that is the infinite. The infinite is a life that knows its worth, its a love that penetrates past the flesh and lives in the soul, its the pure joy of knowing we have a pursuer.  Immeasurable love is upon us, its ours for the taking if we choose to believe there is something beyond our peripheral vision. If we choose to hold tight to the promises he gave us in a world gone mad I believe that is when we find freedom. When we want to compromise to the finite we will find it restricts us but when we look past instant gratification and cling tight to the infinite this whole new place opens up within us. We are no longer parched in an instant but the longings deep inside us are filled to the brim.

Nicole Renee


  1. Nicole, when reading through the list of my blogs usually i will just read a few if time permits. today i kept reading and reading and got to yours. praise God I did.
    I'm scheduled to give the word on friday night and was searching my heart for what to talk about. this is a feeling i've had for some time. just trying to live in the now because i'm scared of looking what God has for the tomorrow.
    i love how you say 'it's there for the taking.'
    yes it is! and why don't we? if we believe, He will take us higher.
    thank you for inspiring my soul. i mean it.

    1. Leah, that brings me so much joy that I could inspire you! Your such a blessing and so thankful my words can touch someone. So thankful:)

  2. Beautifully written. I always love to read the absolute contrast between God and myself. Thank you for the reminder that God is NOT limited and does not work under the constraints of my finite world.


  3. Hi Nicole, I just stumbled on your blog while looking at Aubrey's portfolio. I am glad I did! What great content you have and this particular post is beautiful. What a difference it makes when we let go and let God in. :)


  4. Thanks for stopping by Amanda, I appreciate your kind words:).