Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I thought I would have been unveiled by now with that feeling of being complete and accomplished. Yet somehow I’m still waiting for my unveiling like its far off in the distance or unattainable. I have these beautiful images of myself feeling free and liberated from the chains of self-doubt, procrastinations, and weariness that comes from the business of life. Yet I wake up to the reality of the murky mess that engulfs me daily. The constant sludge I pry one foot from only to place the other in the sludge I didn’t see coming. You know that saying “it’s always something?”, well it seems there always is something. Even writing those words brings me heaviness because I’m restlessly trapped with a heart pounding for an excitement that I hope awaits me tomorrow. I find myself feeling stagnant and afraid of allowing myself to get a little uncomfortable by doing things different so I can actually live those dreams and ideas I vividly can see in my mind.

There is a dilemma with dreaming big or having grandiose ideas, the dilemma found in the insecurity of ourselves and haunting lack of time. Sometimes I blindly go through life believing that I don’t have a choice in the matter or able to bring into fruition the desires of my heart. So I decided to think of this whole unveiling thing differently because the truth is we are always going to have a higher potential to meet, there will always be more to attain, there is no perfect moment to say “I’ve made it!” As with faith each day is a new unveiling of our hearts and our needs, not one is day is the same. Some days we cling to the Lord’s each and every promise just to get by, other days we merely smile with gratitude and overflowing love because we can feel Gods presence.

The times that I feel closest to my dreams and finding my wholeness is through my faith. It’s in that day by day walk of learning more, seeking more, and trusting more that I find I’m not afraid to get out of my comfort zone. It’s when I listen for Gods voice and  pray for his presence that I find the sludge falls off and I’m free. When I welcome the grace of a new day with thanksgiving its then I see the path set before me and the ways I need to go. It’s when I surrender completely that I find myself unveiled, seen and known- completely vulnerable, completely fragile, yet completely loved. That is when it occurs to me that I’m grateful that there is not one perfect moment when I will feel I’ve arrived, instead I find joy in knowing that there will be many moments if I live purposely, fully, and faithfully.

A little daily inspiration

Purpose- You are here for a good, great, wonderful, magnificent purpose that only you can carry out

Beautiful- Look at yourself today and find ONE things that is unique to you and be proud of it

Steps- Take one small step today towards that grandiose dream- jot down your idea, blog about it, tell a close friend about it

God- tell him your plans, your desires, ask for a door to be open, ask for the way, ask for someone to come in your life to help you….I know he will provide!

Confidence- Know that you have what it takes to do amazing things, say “I can” out loud and be conscious of the self-talk in your head

Transformation- Remind yourself that you can reinvent yourself and ideas. You are constantly being molded and shaped- Your not stuck or trapped, your free to be that person you desire!

Nicole Renee

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