Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pitter Patters

There is something I have fallen in love with. Right now Jalen and I live downstairs in my parents’ house while we wait to move into our very own place. Each morning I take a shower, get my pink robe on and then go make Jalen’s breakfast and pack his lunch for school. Then I get him up and have him go eat while I finish getting ready.

And it never fails, each morning after he eats I hear this racing pitter patter of feet coming to see me. Those pitter patters dart across the floor upstairs and I know in a minute my little blonde hair surfer boy will be by my side in an instant. I don’t know the reason he comes racing down to see me, as he usually comes for a second only to race back upstairs to get his shoes and socks on like a good boy. But for some reason he just wants to be around his mom, if only for a second. Those little pitter patters make me feel so loved and reassure me that I’m needed.

Those pitter patters are treasured in my heart as I know someday he will be off to college somewhere pitter pattering over someone's dorm room, someday those little pitter patters will be tiptoes over to the love of his life, someday those pitter patters will be the clacking steps of a business man or sloshing sandal of an oceanographer. I love those little pitter patters- it’s the small things that remind me I’m just so blessed.

Have a Happy Pitter Patter Hump day;)


  1. Awww so sweet! You have such a handsome little guy!

  2. How beautiful are YOU?!?! Can't wait to send you your shirt!!! love Katie

  3. I feel this same way about my Jayden..I treasure his hugs, his foot steps, his cuddles, everything because I know they one day he will be grown and out on his own. Love you friend, your a great mom!

    1. I know its crazy how fast they grow, exciting but then you just want them to stay little forever at the same time. Love you friend! And your a wonderful mom too!!:)