Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Bible

If I spent as much time in the word as I do over-thinking I think my mind would stop racing

I think my fear would slip away into the thin wispy pages that I turn

I think the truth I find would erode away the bitterness that makes me callous

I think I would be sweeter because his promise would be at my fingertips each day

I think I would be able to tackle the things of life with better discernment and grace

I think I would be less distracted and keep my eyes on the eternal moments that are being fulfilled in what I do today

Last night I opened my leather bible and turned those wispy pages and felt connected to a fuller life. The chaos of my day, worries, expectations melted away as I studied about Jesus.

When I read the last verse and closed my bible for the night I was renewed and found a piece of me that had been missing.

A relationship

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  1. so beautiful nicole. it's true, each time we study His life, His work, it becomes so evident that He is closer than we imagine. beautiful words my friend.